Think you may have developed a love or relationship addiction?
Are you wondering if it is love or obsession?
If so, you may be Confusing Love with Obsession
Relationship addiction
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Common Behaviors of People Who Confuse Love With Obsession

Are you concerned that your attraction to another person has become unhealthy? Do you feel that you have become obsessed with someone or with your relationship? Are the feelings you experience around this person overwhelming? What are some of the patterns in your romantic relationships?  

Here are some common traits & characteristics of relationally dependent people that you can use to gauge your own situation. Because the dynamics of attachment styles are complex, these traits should not be considered as a complete list. Consider each one carefully and decide if this speaks to your situation of someone you care for.

If you found yourself nodding your head "Yes" while reading these traits & characteristics and feel that they speaks to your situation, it may be time to dig a bit deeper, as you may be codependent or relationally addicted. Confusing Love with Obsession, published by Hazelden, is one of the first books to explore this topic in detail with information for both women and men. 
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Obsession or Love - Do you have a relationship or love addiction?